Healthy-Steps –The Lebed Method is a medically approved and monitored structured method of therapeutic  movement and physical activity  and designed to help develop your clients  coordination, flexibility , balance and strength .

This programme  is one of the most comprehensive professional courses of its type , training Instructors worldwide.  It is accredited, approved  and recognised by the Federation of Holistic Therapists UK,.National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) and many other world wide organisation

Our company  have trained many Lymphoedema Specialist Nurses,  Health Professionals and Holistic  Therapists who now use this programme within the  NHS , the Private HealthCare sector and Hospice. This professional course provides the opportunity to develop  a more satisfying and flexible career whilst improving lives of patients and clients .

Becoming  a Healthy-Steps Instructor enables  you to help anyone with or recovering from   –  Chronic Illness such as Cancer,  Lymphoedma,  Dementia , Parkinsons,  Arthritis , Multiple Sclerosis , Seniors Health and Well-being  or anyone having difficulty. with mobility , posture and energy levels.

This programme can be used as a stand alone therapy or could  be integrated into your individual clients treatment profile.  It has proved popular with support groups both in the local community and NHS  institution.

Basically. this programme is  an investment into your career.   You will be continually supported by the  your UK based trainers , together with  Bonnie Vermillon ( owner and director ) and the medical director John M. Macdonald, MD FACS,  who will give you the same standard of support  a medical professional would receive

This course has been designed to ensure you are  provided  with all the skills and resources – theory , practical and business tools  – to become a professional Healthy-Steps Instructor. To view the full course syllabus download the FREE information pack.  In an addition to the course,  post qualification  you can continue to study and specialise in other important areas such as  Healthy-Steps  programme  – “Creative Rhythms ”  designed especially for children with chronic illness.

To ensure the highest level of training, practice and learning opportunities, the course incorporates  19.50 hours ( 3 days) of class room based teaching with some home study.  Your attendance on the course is eligible for CPD points .

Additional training for Lymphoedema Nurses and Therapists is included in the 3 day course.

All our  Trainers are specialists in their field and provide you with the most up to date research and information currently available.


Student Testimonial


I have had a fabulous time learning this fantastic method of incorporating dance, music and exercise as a means of recovery or as a means of maintaining fitness at a level every person can manage. I have never seen anything like it. I am grateful for the time that was spent with us, and the encouragement received because it does take a lot to step out of the box once in a while and try something new in front of others. Let us all take that concept and remember it every time someone steps into our classroom for the first time, and every time after that. Each class is a new beginning for someone. ”

– Michelle G

What is Healthy-Steps?

What is Healthy-Steps?

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Become an Instructor

Interested in becoming a Healthy-Steps instructor? Course start date:  2nd & 3rd October  2020 Location : West Midlands   Length : 2 days Cost: £450 – fee can be paid in full or with a non-refundable  deposit of £150 and 5 instalments of £60 if paid in full and reduction of 5% applies . When …

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